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Book & Beverage Adventure Pack Club

Book & Beverage Adventure Packs are monthly reading subscriptions brought to you by Adventure Ink, and The Owl, Morning ‘til Night. For $40/month, each month you’ll receive a gift bag with the following items:

  • A book recommended by an Adventure Ink staff member, or one of our guest curators in whatever subscription you select. Each book will be accompanied by an info sheet introducing you to the curator, and giving you more information about why they recommend this read.

  • A gift card for a take-home beverage from the Owl, selected by Ryan, or another Owl staff member to accompany your read. This may include a growler/howler of beer or cider, a bottle of wine, or a bag of coffee. The gift card may also be used toward a drink of your choice if the recommended beverage doesn't suit you.

  • Other bonus items that will vary each month but might include book accessories, Owl or Adventure Ink swag, drink vouchers, etc. Often these items will be from other local or independent businesses and crafters.

To join, simply click the link below and select a subscription of your choice. Pack pickup is at the Owl and is the first Monday through Saturday of every month, and you must sign up by the 15th of the preceding month to give us time to order the books. Pickup will require ID proving that you are the subscriber, and packs that include alcohol will need to be picked up by someone of legal drinking age.

Learn More about Each Pack

Our Literary Fiction Adventure Pack will feature award-winning and/or critically acclaimed works of fiction that are character driven with rich and finely-crafted prose. Most will be real-world or realistic settings and storylines.

Do you love detective novels? Live for action-packed thrillers? Then our Mystery/Thriller Adventure Pack is to die for! Please be advised that this Adventure Pack is designed for mature readers, as these books may contain adult subject matter.

This Adventure Pack is all about sword & sorcery, high fantasy with epic storylines and magical creatures in distant lands that stretch the imagination. If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, Mercedes Lackey or Anne McCaffrey, this is the Adventure Pack for you.

 Ordinary people doing extraordinary things in supernatural versions of modern society! This Adventure Pack features books in the fantasy genre, set in our world, or fantasy versions of it. This Pack may include people with superpowers, mutants, urban fantasy, magical creatures in realistic settings, post-apocalyptic versions of our world, etc. Some examples of books that could be featured here would be The Dresden Files, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Sherrilyn Kenyon, or Charlaine Harris.

Our YA Fantasy Adventure Pack may include anything aimed at the young adult audience with elements of magic, fantasy creatures or the supernatural, and may occur  in modern or historical real-world settings, or fantasy/sci-fi worlds from the author’s imagination! This Adventure Pack is designed for both readers who are young adults, or adult readers who are fans of the genre! Please be advised that parental guidance may be required, as young adults reads cover a wide age range from middle grade readers to high school.

Winston Churchill wrote Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Here we will feature non-fiction books about people and places from the history of the U.S. and the world. If you love books that teach you something about the past, this is the Adventure Pack for you!

This Adventure Pack is designed to amplify the voices of the myriad of marginalized populations that exist in our society. Every month you’ll receive a book written by or exploring a topic surrounding people of color, LGBTQ+, people who have disabilities, or other diversity/inclusivity topics, and may include fiction or non-fiction in a variety of genres.

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Book & Beverage Adventure Packs

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may cancel your subscription at any time, however, all subscriptions are charged on the 15th of each month. Therefore, if you cancel after the 15th, you will still receive your monthly subscription pack at the beginning of the following month. We do not offer refunds on subscription payments already charged.

Books may be returned within 30 days in new condition, for store credit. Books from subscription packs may not be returned for cash or credit card refund. Returns of books that we suspect were read and returned may be refused, and repeated attempts to return already read books may lead to cancellation of your subscription. Beverages from the Owl may be exchanged for equal or lesser value upon pickup to accommodate dietary needs such as allergies or medical intolerances. Non-book items in packs are non-returnable.

Currently we are only offering Adventure Packs for pickup at the Owl. All Adventure Packs will need to be picked up during the first week of the month during the Owl’s open hours. Hours can be found on the Owl’s website or Facebook page.

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