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by Jeff / on 13 February, 2014

S2E2: The Quest – Powergaming

News D&D turns 40 this February! Here a good article ABC News D&D Yoga report! There should be some major nerd rage about how this article starts out! GET-EM!!! FFG […]
by Jeff / on 1 February, 2014

S2E1: The Quest – Gaming Culture

Hello and welcome to Season 2 of The Quest! New music, new way of doing things, same old non-sense! Lets get right to it! News Apparently a new documentary is […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E11: The Quest – Inter-player Relationships

In this episode we talk a little bit about how players interact with each other and how their characters feel about each other and their NPC counterparts. The show notes […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E10: The Quest – NPC’s

The show notes for this episode are lackluster due to time constraints. We recorded on Friday September 20th and I needed to get the show up quickly and had little […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E9: The Quest – Building Your Campaign

The Quest for News From Last Man Standing (1 of 16 in UNFASHIONED CREATURES) Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein! In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

Special Episode: The Quest for a Happy Birthday!

We wanna wish a Happy birthday to Laura! Yeah, Saturday is the actual day, but whatever! The post Special Episode: The Quest for a Happy Birthday! appeared first on The […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E8: The Quest – Death and Dying

This episode DOES contain SPOILERS!!!! This episode was recirded on Friday September 6th, 2013! We had a lot more planned for this eppisode, but my Joss Whedon rant took up […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E7: The Quest -Conflict Changes Characters

The Quest for News From: Minecraft has been a work in progress for its entire existence.  In the current version, the many different terrain biomes are often placed awkwardly […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E6: The Quest – PhysReps and Gaming Aids

Physical Representations & Gaming Aids While I don’t normally use minis in games I run, they can certainly have an enhancing effect for many players. Don’t let them become the […]
by Jeff / on 31 January, 2014

S1E5: The Quest – Distractions in Role-Playing

Distractions There are a lot of things that can cause distractions. Infact…we were so distracted with this episode, we didn’t even do hardly any prep and only managed to get […]
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