Our First Adventure

This week, we ran our first adventure as the RPGSC, and it was great! We had a modest turnout of 7 players, some veterans, and a lot of first timers. This was exactly what we had been hoping for!

We would like to thank everyone that came out, and hope everyone had a great time!

We got some great feedback from everyone, and we have already learned so much about how to make our events just a little better.  After reviewing our feedback forms, we are going to make a few changes to the way we load our tables each week.  While Adventure League rules dictate a legal table is between 3 and 7 players, we are going to strive to keep our tables at a max of 5 players as much as possible.

If player response is high enough, we may still need to fully load a table, but we are going to make every effort to keep our at 3-5 players.

We are also adding new events on Saturdays! We have had such a great response in the first week, that we are opening up Saturday play. Our Saturday games will still be the open to anyone, but our plan is to run Adventure League storylines and modules for both the current storylines, and past storylines as demand grows.

In addition to ou Thursday and Saturday games at Fun 4 All, we are working on adding Saturday games at a new venue, as well as Wednesday games at Fun 4 All.  We will have more information as we get details finalized.

We are are also exited to announce we will be bringing “The Quest: Advancing the Art of Gaming”, to the RPGSC website! More details on this soon.

And last but not least, we are working on our GM Training program, and will be opening the doors to new GM’s very soon! If you are interested in becoming an RPGSC Game Master, please feel free to contact us, and as soon as we have further details, you’ll be the first to know.

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