RPGSC Discord Server

The RPGSC has one purpose: to help people have fun playing role playing games. We do this by hosting games ourselves, building and developing persistent story lines, and by welcoming and giving training to new players and people who want to play. To that end, we have created the RPGSC Discord Server!

The only requirement for membership is a desire to play role playing games. It is the standing policy of the RPGSC to maintain a friendly, inclusive environment and to celebrate its diverse community. Neither harassment nor language which is sexist (misogynist or misandrist), homophobic, xenophobic, racist, ageist, ablest, or otherwise pejorative in nature will be tolerated. We represent the a broad range of people and ideas telling stories that can live on in memeory for generations and, as such, there is no room for such regressive, repressive behavior. We enforce this policy first with verbal reinforcement, second by removing the offender from the game, and finally by removing offenders from the organization.

Please join our discord server, and feel free to give out the link to anyone that you know that wants to join us. hhttps://discord.gg/hJv82hy

If you would like to help out with GMing a game, or have a story line that would be good for our group, let an Admin or Moderator know.

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