So, What is the RPGSC?

Hello, and welcome to the Role Playing Game Storytellers Collegium.

We are a community of players and game masters working together to Advance the Art of Role-Playing. Through Organized Play, the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and spreading awareness, we can reduce stigma, dispel myths, and shatter stereotypes; all while supporting and growing our hobby.

Ok…so what does that even mean?

Role-playing is a fun, engaging, and exiting hobby that is often ridiculed, and hidden away in dark corners. At one time, many gamer where embarrassed to admit their love for games. After all, games are for kids and weird, basement dwellers who live with their moms, and can’t get girlfriends. We’ve all heard the jokes.

Well, the first half 21st century is proving to be the “Rise of Nerds”, and this rise is, at least in part, on the backs of Role-Players.

Gone are the days when it’s a guaranteed wedgie for playing D&D. Shows like Big Bang Theory, Community, and Stranger Things have cast magic missile into even the darkest of basements. Stars like Wil Wheaton, Vin Diesel, & Steven Colbert are dragging our hobby out of the shadows, meaning more and more people are looking to explore this hobby, and they don’t know how or where to begin.

That’s where the RPGSC comes in. We’re here to forge a community for new and experienced players and game masters to come together and teach each other, to learn from each other, and to make us better gamer’s, better role-players, and better storytellers.

Together, we can move our hobby forward, and make each table we sit at, just that much more enjoyable.

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