Interview with Liz Theis about RealmWorks

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Today I have got a great guest for y’all! I am joined today by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development, and she is here to talk a little bit about a great new tool for all you GM’s out there, call RealmWorks.

Realm Works is the tool for managing your campaigns. It allows you to spend less time preparing, more time creating, and focus on sharing the story with your players! It’s built by a team of experienced GMs, so they know what a GM wants and what a GM needs. RealmWorks allows you to really get in there and create and manipulate your world so that you can keep all your super-awesome stories straight, and so your players can keep it straight looks like a great tool to help you tell a really collaborative story...and as you guys know, thats kinda my gimmick...kinda what this show is all about!

You can find Lone Wolf Development on Facebook at & their on Twitter @lonewolfdevel. You can also catch them on the web at! You can also get more about RealmWorks at

The digital download version of Realm Works is only $49.99 and includes 6 months of free standard tier cloud service (a $24.99 value).


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