S1E2 The Quest: New Players

Getting into Role-Playing can be a daunting task. There are a few things you need to understand before you start playing in any game.

Things to Remember

Remember, it’s just a game and games are meant to be fun for everyone that plays.If you are not having fun, don’t ruin it for everyone else.

Be on time! Nothing will anger your GM faster than being a flaky player. Not to mention that all to often your fellow players are going to be stuck waiting for you.

Be consistent! If you don’t have time for a game, just say so. GM’s write story for your characters (or they should), and if characters are sometimes “absent” for no reason, the story gets messy.

Bring your character sheet, note paper, pencils, and your own dice!

Know your group. Before heading to a new game or starting an adventure with a new group, it’s your responsibility to ask about what’s expected with you.

Ask questions! When you ask questions, actually learn the answers so you don’t have to keep asking the same things over and over. You are playing a game that requires you to use your imagination, and the fewer times you have to step outside of your imagination to ask a question you have already asked, the more time you can spend rapped in the story.

Don’t metagame! Metagaming is when you use information or knowledge learn out of character in an in character way. DO NOT DO THIS! It is cheating and it will make the storytelling experience less entertaining for everyone else.

Be a team player! You are a unique and special flower, just like everyone else. Part of being in a collaborative storytelling game is cooperation. Don’t be “that guy”.

Your character isn’t always the center of attention! Sometimes the story will be focused on you, sometimes it won’t.  Help the players around you by being respectful of their time in the spotlight. You are not a reality TV star…you don’t need constant attention to be validated.

Try Something New! When something doesn’t work out the way you want, do something different.

Play Your Character, Not Yourself! The very essence of Role-Playing is to take on the role of someone other than you. If you are just playing you, what’s the point?

Bring appropriate “Snackrifices”! You heard me…snackrifieces must be made!

And most importantly…Don’t be a tool. If people are not having fun, look around and see if you are the reason. The last thing anybody wants is to be “that guy”.

Final Thoughts

Again, have fun! Go out of your way to help others have fun and never forget that it’s just a game.

Also…don’t record podcasts in the middle of Ragnarok. You end up losing a lot of your show!

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