Tips for GMing

The Quest is back (Sorta)! I know it has been a long time since we had an episode up, but today I am here to give a few tips about GMing.

Before we talk a lot about that though, lets talk about the future of the Quest. This show has a lot of potential content we can talk about in the future, but I think for the most part, my general coterie of companions have talked themselves out about RPG. We have left a lot of subjects open though...there is lots more we can talk about in regards to storytelling and GMing, LARPing, Cosplays, video game RPGs and more. I would like to do some shows that really delve into specific game systems and settings as well as review various RPG books, indie games and talk game theory.

I would like to get industry guests on the show to talk about their games, what got them into gaming, and all the sorts of things that can help you understand the wonderful word of Role-Playing.

If you, or someone you know, wants to be a part of the discussion, or there is something you want us to talk about, a rule you want advise on, or anything like that, email me at podcast [at] irnerdivore [dot] com!

We have also started doing panels at conventions, so if you would like us to be at a convention near you, let us know! If you are part of a programming team for a convention, we would be more than happy to come out to your show and do a live show for you. We can record shows for the Quest, IRNerdivore, or The Dark Match Podcast, and we can cover just about any topic! We love doing conventions and we look forward to each and every show!

  1. Names are important.
  2. Players love familiar faces and places.
  3. Dice rolling is boring.
  4. Offer distinct options from which the players can choose.
  5. Reward player cleverness, don’t punish it.
  6. Don’t add crazy just for the sake of crazy.
  7. Plan one significant character moment for every two hours of play.
  8. Make each character a hero in every adventure.
  9. Let the mundane events take place ‘off stage’.
  10. Take the game as serious as you want the Players to take it.
  11. Let the Characters’ strengths override the Players’ weaknesses.
  12. Always keep a current copy of the Players’ characters.
  13. Manage time like it were a precious element.
  14. If you aren’t having fun, no one will have fun.
  15. You can’t make all the Players happy all the time.
  16. Immediate reward and player complicity
  17. Side boarding when conflict arises (with follow up)
  18. Player participation in rules interpretation
  19. Be consistent.
  20. Admit mistakes as soon as you can. GMs all do it.

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