Revisiting Realm Works (With Liz Theis)

I am joined, once again by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development.

Liz was on the show WAY back in April 2014 to talk about Realm Works, a tool designed to help managing your campaigns. You can find our original interview at (and I’ll have a link in the show notes to that)

Let’s talk about the Player edition:

Why would someone want the player edition?

Can a players notes be seen by the GM?

My group of players is fairly easily distracted. I mean, it’s a great GM resource, but having 4 or 5 people sitting around the table looking at their electronics can really derail a game.  How does Lone Wolf see players using this software?

Web Version:

I know online gaming is a big growth area right now, and a lot of people could use Realm Works to great advantage. You have been working hard on the Web Version of the software. Tell us a little about what the Web Version is.

So, what’s different between the player and the web version? Why would someone get the Player version instead of just waiting for the Web Version?

General Questions:

Realm Works can really seem big and intimidating. There is a lot of open potential on it can be a bit overwhelming. I know several people that have purchased the software but who don’t use it. What advice would you give to people that are just starting out, or have grown frustrated with the software?

On your KickStater page you announced that the Cloud Service has been expanded. Can you talk about that, explain why it was extended and who it effects? (READ MORE:

Do you have an estimate on when the Content Market will be made available?

So, what’s next for Realm Works?


GenCon is right around the corner, and while I, unfortunate, cannot make it down there this year, Lone Wolf is defiantly going to be there. What, if anything, special do you guys have planned for GenCon 2015?

You can find Lone Wolf Development on Facebook at & their on Twitter @lonewolfdevel. You can also catch them on the web at! You can also get more about RealmWorks at

See more about the RealmWorks/Syrinscape team-up here:

Syrinscpare can be found here:

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