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This offer ends on May 14th. Orders will start shipping on May 22nd.

Get your adventure started with this limited-edition Adventure Ink apparel!

These come in all sizes and a variety of colors. T-Shits, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts, all with the limited edition design! Once these are gone, they’ll NEVER be offered in this design again, so ACT FAST.

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We are proudly Participating in Michigan's 1st Annual MI Book Hop!

Get Your "Bingo Card"

Select your first bookstore and receive your "Book Hop Bingo" card and your first stamp.

Map It Out

Now check out the map—which lists all the participating stores—and start planning your route!


As well, there is a map in the back of the Bingo Card" of all participating bookstores. Additional bookstores you visit throughout the day will provide you with a stamp - no purchase required!

We Have Comic Subscriptions!!!

You can join our Comic Subscription service and never miss another issue! A comics pull list is a list of comics that YOU would like to buy every time the title is released. Pick the titles that are right for you and we will pull that title every time it is released.
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