S1E9: The Quest – Building Your Campaign

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Last Man Standing (1 of 16 in UNFASHIONED CREATURES)

Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein! In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one scientist tries to sustain the human race by cloning himself (again.) Unfortunately, things don’t work out exactly as planned.

But then, do they ever?

In Last Man Standing, writer Monica Valentinelli and artist Josie Pi Grant do a modern twist on the first, great literary zombie. The digital download includes a BONUS page from “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” a mini-series written by James McGee and illustrated by Alex Cormack.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology, is a collection of original comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.” Edited by Enrica Jang.


Mage Company has launched their Kickstarter campaign for The Amityville Project, a miniatures game where you’re trying to play on the fears of the other players, trying to become the dominant personality inside an asylum patient.

Phobos is a Horror Strategy Miniature game for 2-4 players. Each player takes on the role of one of these personalities which were created in the detective’s mind. Your goal is to eliminate the personalities of your opponent(s). Once accomplished then your personality prevails allowing you to control the detective.

Each of you chooses a Mentality board, 8 Ghost Miniatures, 12 Mentality Tokens, a D12 Die and 3 Action cards. Players then each get 3 Phobos cards (from 12 different possibilities) and keep these face down.


Fantasy Flight Games has released their Wave 3 ships for their Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. Four new starship expansions have now arrived to forever redefine the dramatic space battles of X-Wing™!

The Lambda-class Shuttle, HWK-290, B-Wing, and TIE Bomber Expansion Packs each feature a detailed model, faithfully rendered at 1/270 scale, as well as a maneuver dial, and all the ship cards, upgrades, and tokens you need to make these starships a dynamic part of your X-Wing battles. Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copies.

Building Your Campaign.

A great place to start thinking about a campaign is your players. A good place to start to learn how to be a great GM, John Wick’s book Play Dirty!

Another great resource for helping you set up a campaign is a system created for the 7th sea RPG, called “The Other Hundred Points”. The idea was you give the players a list of options regarding your campaign and let them rank each option on how much they would enjoy each aspect and then you build your game around those suggestions.

Here is a link to the AEG 7th Sea GM Sheet for campaign building:

Also, here is an e-bay link for the AD&D Birthright Campaign.

Final Thoughts

Use your players as a resource to build a campaign you can have fun with, and if you can’t do that, have fun with the campaign you get!

In Closing

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